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News from Nairobi

I’ve been working on a new collection of teacher training videos.


Our videographer sends his daughter to Bridge.  Right before this photo was taken she had spotted her dad, SPRINTED out of her nursery classroom and CRASHED into the biggest hug ever. 


A nice side effect of making teacher training videos is seeing teachers improve.  Their concentration when I give feedback, their observable persistence to get it right, and the smile that finally cracks when we both know they nailed it.  What an honor to witness!


I’ve written before about not taking pity photos and instead seeking beauty.  This is one of our academies in a Nairobi slum that happens to be right next to a trash dump.  I could’ve featured the trash dump but instead I’ve got these beautiful magenta flowers.


This 7th grader schooled me on Kabaka Mwanga in the middle of a story about the greatest teacher she’s ever had. She goes to the academy with magenta flowers.


One of the coolest parts about working for Bridge is… we get to test out lessons and materials in advance which allows us to incorporate feedback from both teachers and students. Good stuff.



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