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Get together and let the good times roll

Warmer weather sure makes it easier to let the good times roll!
On May 6th, I finally went to work without a jacket on.



When I came back from Kinshasa, my favorite season was fall, the season on the brink of cold.
After a winter in Boston, my new favorite season is SPRING, the season on the brink of warm.

photo 3 photo 4

This past weekend was the best weekend here so far!  The highlight was Porchfest on Saturday afternoon.  From noon until 6pm they have live bands playing on people’s porches all across Somerville. photo (1) The best part was one of my colleagues lives next door to a house that was hosting a fantastic band, so we got to spend the afternoon hanging out listening to an upright bass, guitar, and two singers. They busted out tunes by BB King, Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones.  On top of the great music was great company!  It was one of those gatherings that was a just-right mix of people.  A few friends, a few friends of friends. Everyone there knew enough other people that everyone felt comfortable.  An all around great day.

The weekend came to a close with Sunday night dinner at our place.  Peanut chicken, sombe, plantains, beans and rice. Another GREAT crew of humans.  I have to say it is SO AWESOME living so close to THIS lady.  It’s just such a treat to hang be able to hang around old friends, who already know you!  Beefy is a very important leading lady in my life.

34463_739566944766_6595387_n 10678686_10101693544919216_1796236873696818487_n 1923651_535752565416_7533_n 72770_777577112086_6700352_n

This week our Sunday night dinner had a very special guest… I’m pretty sure our dynamic has not changed a single bit since this college graduation photo:


Get together,
and let the good times roll.


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