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Maembe, Mt. Kenya and Studying Teachers

This week we visited academies in counties that border Nairobi.  It’s been so REFRESHING!  Both to get a feel for academies farther out and to enjoy sunrises, landscapes, mangos, and the excitement of a traffic-free journey.
It’s been SO fascinating to really dig in to what makes teachers effective!
photo by Victor Sayialel
Observing a C1 teacher with six precious pupils.
photo by Victor
Mt. Kenya in the distance!
Learning Swahili matters. My colleague, Carol, has made amazing progress in the past week and we’ve all had SO MUCH fun practicing together in the car!
Kila siku tunajifunza Kiswahili pamoja.  Sasa Carol anaweza kusema mingi! Huyu wanafunzi wanafurahi sana kusikia wazungu wanaweza kusema kiswahili.
photo by Victor
The road to Embu goes through an area KNOWN for its mangos.
Freshly picked maembe, 10 for $1!
We are all planning to rest up and rejuvenate this weekend so we are ready for next week.  Having a ton of mangos and passion fruit to bring along will definitely help keep energy high!
Next week we will be repeating the exact same journey, with the exact same teachers, except this time we’ll be filming. We’re hoping that since they’ve already met us, been introduced to our project and been observed by us, teachers will feel more comfortable with the camera.  We will also use it as a time to ask follow up questions and just generally dig deeper with each teacher.  It’s going to be an intense week, as we aim to arrive at each academy by 6:30 to catch the extra morning revision sessions, and stay until 6:30 to catch the extra revision in the afternoons.

4 comments on “Maembe, Mt. Kenya and Studying Teachers

  1. alexrich82
    February 8, 2015

    Cool. I request a more technical post about your ideas for helping teachers become more effective.

    • Sara Rich
      February 10, 2015

      Will do! In terms of the study I’m doing right now, it’s still a little too soon to tell. More broadly though, there are always two parts to that and unfortunately the first part is usually skipped. The first part that must be answered is what is effective teaching and why aren’t more teachers doing it? Then the second question is- How do we get more teachers to become more effective? My thinking on how to explore these questions has come a long way since I first started teaching, so perhaps I’ll write a post that walks through that!

  2. Robert Rich
    February 8, 2015

    Do the kids have free lunch options or are they expected to provide for themselves? Just curious.

    • Sara Rich
      February 8, 2015

      Some schools have a lunch program but its not free. Many kids bring their lunch or parents will bring it to school at lunch time.

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