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Chimamanda and “the luxury of a monthly bill.”

Lights Out in Nigeria
February 1 article by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,

I cannot help but wonder how many medical catastrophes have occurred in public hospitals because of “no light,” how much agricultural produce has gone to waste, how many students forced to study in stuffy, hot air have failed exams, how many small businesses have foundered. What greatness have we lost, what brilliance stillborn? I wonder, too, how differently our national character might have been shaped, had we been a nation with children who took light for granted, instead of a nation whose toddlers learn to squeal with pleasure at the infrequent lighting of a bulb.

She’s just so reasonable.
So balanced.

This remains an essential and poignant need: a government that will create the environment for steady and stable electricity, and the simple luxury of a monthly bill.

Read the whole thing here.


One comment on “Chimamanda and “the luxury of a monthly bill.”

  1. Lonnie Rich (Dad)
    February 3, 2015

    We do take too much for granted.

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