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Why I like real talk

I just finished reading The Sandcastle Girls.  Loved it.  An unlikely love story during the height of the Armenian Genocide.  It goes back and forth between these… beautiful, soft romantic moments and ugly, horrific acts.  I think I liked the story so much because you get the whole spectrum of the human experience happening all at once.

It’s why I like walking down Mass Ave.
Why I like reading literature.
Why I like real talk.
Why I like writing this blog.

The world is a messy place.  With justice and injustice everywhere. Privilege. Discrimination. Order. Chaos. Perfection. Mistakes. Horror. Beauty. Friendship. Betrayal. Bad and good and medium and questionable.

I like tuning into the mess to find common threads in the human experience.
Like my first Beans & Rice post 5 years ago, everything is the same everywhere.


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This entry was posted on January 27, 2015 by in books, humanities.
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