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Francais, tous le temps!

J’ai commence etudier le francais.  Je vais a la course intensive 5 fois par semaine.

I’m totally thrilled to finally be studying and speaking FRENCH because it’s been an embarrassingly long time that I’ve lived in French speaking countries and could only blurt out random bits and pieces!  I can speak in strings of sentences now!!!  Whew!

Week 1 Flashcards

My class is four hours every morning.
In the afternoon I’ve fallen into a routine of:

-telling Anga all about my class, in French
-making french flashcards for both vocab and grammar
-reading a few pages in french from a graphic novel
-watching a movie in french

I’m going for total immersion here!!



I’m starting with a brand new graphic novel (2013) based on the journal and notes from Joseph Konrad’s (author of Heart of Darkness) trip to Congo in 1868.  CRAZY!  It’s enjoyable to start with this book because the context is so familiar.  It’s incredible how much HASN’T changed since 1868.



After Kongo, I’ll dive into Persepolis- a birthday gift from my friends Micky and Diana!


It’s great that Brussels is known for comics.  It’s so helpful to be able to actually follow a good story by having visuals to support the text.  There are loads of really cool comic books around and it feels like there’s a bookshop on every corner!

As for movies, Anga and I have watched Intouchables.  It’s TOTALLY awesome and EVERYONE should watch it.  A beautiful story of friendship and the POWER of not having pity.

Here is the rest of my movie list!

La vie en rose 2007
Leon the professional 1994
Amelie 2001
Le Scaphandre et le Papillon 2007
La double vie de Veronique 1991
8 femmes
The rules of the game
Hiroshima mon amour
La Haine
Jeune et jolie 2013


2 comments on “Francais, tous le temps!

  1. Laura H.
    July 6, 2013

    Bonne chance dans vos etudes!

  2. Sarah
    July 6, 2013

    That’s awesome. We found the best graphic novel in the gift shop at the Royal Museum for Central Africa. It’s all about Congo’s independence. And quite beautiful. Bonne chance!

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