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Blog Under Construction!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about continuing this blog,
or perhaps starting a new one.

But I realized that I’m not really starting a new story… I want to continue writing about the same things… the field of education…  living abroad… and all of the learning along the way.  So starting a new blog didn’t feel right.  But every time I visited this blog it didn’t feel attractive anymore.  I was tired of the banner at the top, tired of this theme of dishes/ingredients… it all just looked… OLD. Something of the past. My context has changed so much in the past year and a half, but my blog hasn’t changed with me…

So! In an effort to re-inspire myself, I’m doing some tidying up of the blog.  I’ve chosen a new theme, turned a few of the pages into posts, and you faithful followers I think have received strange emails of these old pages.  (Sorry about that!!)  But I’m hoping that a little re-arranging and redecorating will help get me excited about writing again.

A lot is happening here in Belgium as well as with this seedling-of-a-teacher-collaboration-idea… and I’m eager to continue sharing.


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