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Down Home Operation

The following people’s generosity continues to overwhelm my SOUL! I am so honored to be “employed” by… my friends in Kinshasa, my friends in the USA, my mayor, my cousins, my colleagues, my high school principal, my neighbors, my state senator, my parents, my former employers, my soccer coaches, my rugby teammates, my girl scout leaders, and even my former middle school students! This journey through fundraising has been unexpectedly INSPIRING. And for my work to be held accountable by virtually every individual I’ve ever valued and respected in my life!?!! Talk about pressure to perform!!

Anyhow- this is a down home operation. My work is not through any sort of “program,” nor am I an official 501.c.3 organization. I am fully funded by private gifts which are N-O-T tax deductible.

Without further ado, these are all the generous folks who make my work possible:



Evan Allgood

Patti Reilly & Kris Balderston

Congressman James P. Moran

Alex & Shawn Rich

Stitched by Sally — Sally Reams

Nimette & Mahmoud Shamji

Patrick Sharkey

Sharon & Don Ward




ADK Beta Gamma Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Benno Brenninkmeyer

Sean & Marilyn Doherty

Tom Edmondson

Irene Epp

Adron Krekeler

Elaine, Bill, Hannah & Brij McClure

Jerry & Robert Rich

Ginny Hines & Tom Parry

Lonnie Rich & Marcia Call

Blake & Michelle Smith

TASOK Parent Teacher Committee

“Kinshasa Friends”




ADK Alpha Tau Chapter

ADK Gamma Theta Chapter

Russ & Anne Bailey

Tom Call & Xiaodong Zhang

Elaine Evans

Glenda Finch

Henrietta Holt

Robert Kaiman & Kaiman Brothers

Judy & Larry Lowe

Ann McClung

Jane Rader

Tom & Minnie Sue Ripy

Paul Wilson




Ben & Samilia Afrifa

Eileen & Tim Ahern

Don Aplin & Sheryl Gorsuch

Surafel Bekele

Al Berry

Hussein Bourgi

Diana Bowen

Tom Bowman & Brigid Schulte

Jack Bryant

Jane Button

Lauren & Nathan Childers

Nancy & Rick Collier

Maureen Cooney

Karen Cypull

Jackie Davis

Bob & Barbara Drake

Stephie Drachsler & Mike Hernandez

Will Ducklow

Mark Eaton & Brooksie Koopman

Nabil El Khoury

Bill Euille

Bob & Helen Fall

Kate Farley

Andrew & Julie Feltman

Christine Flinton

Carol & Peter Freeman

Diane & Steve French

Ludwig Gaines

Rochelle Givens

Marilyn & John Gorenflo

J.T. and Kaye Grubbs

Katherine Hamilton

Lynn Hampton

Margaret Havinga

Scott Harris & Chris Trosiek

Jenny & Peter  Heimberg

Bob & Zack Hodgin

David Holt, Sr

Dale & David Holt Jr.

Bryce Johnson

Bruce Kehr

Gordon & Jenny Lubold

Anne Martone

Daphne & Larry McDaniel

Elisa Moore

Barbara Nalley

Suzanne Napier

Laura Northey

Pat & Tony Norwood

Richard Robbins Pancake

Judy Parker

Nora Partlow

Del Pepper

Beth Porta

Emily Porterfield & Students

Kitty Porterfield

Cynthia Powell

Kitty & Jim Ray

Michael Rehwaldt

Jane Richardson & Tammy Smith

Tracy Rickett & Wendy Wysong

Jon Roberts

Ed & Pam Rosenthal

Nancy & Lloyd Rowland

Witney Schneidman

James & Yulanda Scott

John Searles

Molly Sim, Lauren & Colby Gustavson

Kathleen Smith

Geoffrey Stothard

Robert & Ashley Sullivan

Susan Swain

Bob Tiernan & Lori Staudt

Siobhan Tiernan & Nick Skizim

Dawn Turton

Paul & Clara Beth Van de Water

Hulunam Woldgebreal




Hendrick Amutenya

J.P. & Diana Antoine

Jim Bailey

Jenna Baulkus

Toni & Ben Boswell

Leilani Boyle

Ruth Brannigan

Sara & Kevin Bridwell

Sally Budd

Lynnwood Campbell

Maurice Carney

Dianne Childers

Carole Clark

Colleen Clark

Bill & Ruth Cleveland

Marilyn Clute

Nina Cohen

Charlotte Corcoran

Makeda Crane

Kim Dawkins

Louise Deboutte

Kerry & Eva Donley

Hassan El Sayed

Suzanne Elbeze

Don & Nancy Elder

Nadirah Essa

Sarah Fulwiler

Susan Guillory

Mary Jo Johnson

Murutamanga & Francoise Kabahita

The Kanyi Family

Helen & Ron Knox

John & Janet Komoroske

Jackie Kruszewski

Vola Lawson

Sandra Levy

Norm & Ruth Anne Lodato

Tim & Beth Lovain

Maureen Lucas

Anonymous, in honor of Patrice Lumumba!

Mary Lyman

Patrick & Rachel Mallory

Getachew Haile Mariam

Amanda Maust

Mildred Miles

Pat Miller

Taylor Mobley

Patrick & Marjorie Mulloy

Marcus & Rachael Narden

Jean Niebauer

Tiffany & Andrew Pache

Raquel Patrao

Arthur Peabody & Lucy Thomson

Joan Peacock

John Porter

Gayle Reuter

Dorey Riegal

Maggie & Bill Rivers

Debra Roepke

Adam & Sarah Sensamaust

Roy Shannon

Susan Smirnow

Anne Thomas

Kristin Thompson

Patsy Ticer

Ami Watkin

Catherine Welborn

Michael Wilker & Mary Huber

Justin Wilson

Christopher & Lauri Young

Phylis Adams

ADK PSI Chapter

Kathryn Beatty

Denise Brown

Margaret Curley

Kristy Dunlap

Karen Fosler

Pamela Freer

Judy Ganzert

Harriet Graves

Lynn Keefe

Julie Kidd

Ann Lawlor

Barbara McCellan

Sarah Roush

Dawn Schaefer

Anne Sharp

Barbara Small

Judy Tate

Karen Taylor

Amy Williams

Sandy Wolfe


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