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Maji Matulivu: What the heck?!

Our Hewa Bora flight landed successfully and we made it through the airport with only minor hassles about our vaccination cards. Then we were off to the guest house.

We arrived at Maji Matulivu (the guest house where I’ll be living next year) and… what the HECK! It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever SEEN… the house, the gardens, the lake! Words can’t possibly do it justice. I thought working for a summer in Lugano, Switzerland was awesome… but Maji Matulivu takes the cake.

Fabienne, who manages the guest house, gave us a tour and showed us our rooms.  Then we sat by the lake, in awe, and had a beer- all along enjoying the cool breeze (which is essentially nonexistent this time of year in Kinshasa). Around 4:00 we met with Joseph, the director of the Mugunga School, to create a schedule for this week. Fabienne graciously translated for about 20 minutes, and then she had to run so we were forced to use our limited French, which was fun and exciting (and of course… frustrating! But what better way to learn?)

Dinner in and of itself was quite an adventure. We shared a meal with Joe and Lyn Lusi, the founders of HEAL Africa; Christina, a renowned fistula repair surgeon; Judy and Dick Anderson, who run the states side funding of HEAL Africa; Christian, a systems engineer; Carleton, a Hollywood filmmaker who is teaching photography and media studies to teachers, so they can teach it to street kids; and an obgyn doctor who just delivered a new ultrasound system to the HEAL hospital.  Whew! What a crowd!!

On top of it all, every morning there is a group jog around 6, and breakfast served at 7. After a day’s work you can paddle boat on the lake or take a walk down the road to the public beach, followed by a sit down family meal at 7pm. Totally ridiculously amazing.

I can’t believe I decided to live here for a year without having seen it first. And to think that I was worried about being disappointed!! My gosh! I was so overwhelmed when we first arrived and all I kept thinking was, thank goodness I made this decision without having seen this place first or I would have always had to wonder if I was just being TEMPTED by the beauty of the guest house…

All in all it was a great start to our week.  Lyn thanked me for “bringing so many friends” and I said, “Well I’m so grateful to have friends who wanted to join me!!”  I’ve always been quite lucky in that regard (and many others). What the heck man, what the heck.


One comment on “Maji Matulivu: What the heck?!

  1. Rebecca
    September 17, 2012

    Hi there, I work with a participative project for an NGO in Congo and would like to stay at this place with a few of our local partner organizations. Could you please give me the phone number there??

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