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What is going on?!

BBC presents this collection of photos with a caption that reads, “Elections provide hope.”  My immediate outburst was something like, “For real???!!” I see war, cemeteries, tires burning, mining for Gold, and a wild man on the right who looks just plain crazy. Last time I checked, none of these are symbols of hope.

This is a big part of why this project matters. The world needs to know what ELSE is going on in Congo.  What’s AMIDST this harsh and chaotic existence that the media loves to dwell on? What’s intertwined with the negative realities? What ELSE is happening in Congo? Where’s the “real” hope?

Real hope is in the possibilities created by community based action. Real hope is in learning. Real hope is in innovative thinking (as opposed to throwing more money at problems.) Hope is in teachers, students, doctors, artists, musicians… Hope is in the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival. Hope is in grassroots organizations like HEAL Africa. Hope is in people like Joe and Lyn Lusi and Virginie Mumbere.  That’s what ELSE is happening in Goma. Real hope exists, and the world needs to see more of it.


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This entry was posted on December 10, 2009 by in humanities, teaching, travel.
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